2009-Thanks to Adrian Smith and the land owners Michael & Rosemary Chigwidden their farming land was found to be very suitable to establish an Aerodrome facility. 

They very generously agreed to make the land available and a Lease Agreement was drawn up ,now the CVFG Inc was on the way to establish the Clare Valley Aerodrome 

2010- Construction began of all drainage works and removeal of trees

 On Base for Runway 35 Clare Valley

2011- Construction of Runway 17-35 commenced  which included 5000t of crusher sand mixed with clay to form up the Runway
2012- Construction of the Cross Strip 09-27 & Terminal Building commenced
2013-Terminal Building construction & security fencing completed.

2014- Hard stand area constructed and bitumised

2014-  November 14th -Aerodrome officially opened by Richard Champion De Crespigney QF 32 pilot & his father Peter Champion De Crespigney

Richard said;"we are priviliged to join with you all,to celebrate your remarkable efforts to build only the second private Aerodrome in Australia in the last 50 years.

You have created a strategisc asset that is the foundation of growth in health services,commerce,travel and tourism.This is an asset that will reward future generations

Gary Sims and Andrew Heinrich in action on Cross Strip.

 2015-Stand alone power system installed -solar panels and batteries
2016- Settlement took place June 28th 2016-As a result of the very generous gifting of their farming land to the Flying Group by Michael & Rosemary Chigwidden
2016-12KVA Diesel Generator installed as back up to the Solar System, Evaporative AC Unit Installed
2018- Avgas fuel facility installed by Stark Aviation (Flying Fuels), grass sown north of Hangars for plane parking 2.9 Ha
2019-All Weather Runway & Lighting Upgrade Project commenced on March 4th -Runway 17-35 Sealed and opened for business on 15th April 2019
2019- Line Marking completed October 
2020-Runway  & Taxiway -Lighting installation commenced 10th March and completed 26th March  
2020- March 28th County Helicopters -Ashley Dickson first to fly into YCVA activating the Runway lights in his Robinson R44 Helicopter 
2020 -October 1st- Hangar A2 -purchased  from Jan O,Connor  
2021 -January 8th - CASA WINGS AWARD-Aero Club of the year in Australia
2021-January 20th- AVGAS FLYING FUELS-Commissioned 10,000 litre 24/7  credit card swipe bowser
2021-April 10th-OPENING & PRESENTATION EVENT -BBRF All Weather Runway 7Lighting Upgrade Opening- Aero Club of the year Presentation
2021 April 28th - Purchase Tecnam P2008 Aircraft


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